Deep Relaxation - Yoga, Acupuncture and Sound

Deep Relaxation - Yoga, Acupuncture and Sound

Using the ancient and powerful practises of yoga, sound and acupuncture, this session will help you to deeply relax, still your mind and soothe your nervous system, giving your body the opportunity to heal and your heart the opportunity to be heard above the noise of day to day life. 

Beginning with some very gentle yoga to prepare and relax the body, followed by a combination of sound healing using Tibetan Singing bowls and Acupuncture.

Cost: £20
Limited space for 8 people.

Yoga and Sound by Ruth Harlow of Awaken Your Soul Yoga
Acupuncture by Eve Harlow Acupuncture

This session is suitable for all. Contact Ruth for more information on 07432019338.

*Please note that there is a 48-hour cancellation period

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