Posted by Natasha on 24th March 2020

Live online yoga classes

Hi all,

We are taking our classes online, starting this coming Saturday 28th March!

We will be holding live sessions through an app called Zoom which you can install onto your computer/laptop, tablet or phone free of charge here:

or here:



How to join the classes:

Step 1: Book into the class through our booking system as usual (or take advantage of our online offer: 7-days of unlimited online classes for 2 credits - more about this below)

Step 2: Open Zoom and click join meeting (you can join early, it doesn't have to be on-the-dot)

Step 3: Type in the class code from the list below, and you're in!


CLASS CODES (you won't need to type the hyphens)


10am Beginners/Improvers (Natasha): 439-967-224

11:30am Gentle Yoga (Natasha): 933-536-194

6:30pm Slow Flow to Bed (Natasha): 379-290-213


4:30pm Beginners/Improvers (Natasha): 823-484-206

6pm Hatha Yoga (Natasha): 405-353-912


10am Beginners/Improvers (Natasha): 643-099-562

11:30am Gentle Yoga (Natasha): 556-713-283

6:30pm Vinyasa Yoga (Natasha): 783-887-012


10am Hatha Yoga (Natasha): 460-287-079

6:30pm Beginners/Improvers (Natasha): 201-690-632


6pm Hatha Yoga (Tara): 286-695-419


10am Hatha Flow (Natasha): 763-612-311

11:30am Beginners/Improvers (Natasha): 197-453-346


10am: Beginners/Improvers (Tara): 558-105-816

6pm: Yoga for Runners & Cyclists (Tara): 261-299-484



How to join the classes:

Step 1: We kindly ask that you book into the class through our booking system. We will be keeping our booking system open so that you can sign up the usual way for these classes using your credits. We also have a special offer running throughout this period: 7-days of unlimited classes for 2 credits. You can sign up for this option through the booking system on Monday morning or Monday evening for access to all classes on that same week.   

Step 2: Once you have installed Zoom, either open it on your desktop and click 'join meeting' or go here: You can join the meeting any time before the session begins (I'll be there around 10 mins beforehand), but the actual yoga will begin at the start time. I recommend keeping your device plugged in during the session as the video can use up battery power faster than usual.

Step 3: To enter the class, type in the class code from the list above, and you're in!

That's all!


*For anybody wishing to test out their Zoom before the classes begin on Saturday I will be holding two 'try out Zoom' sessions this coming Thursday (26th March), one in the morning from 10-10:30am and one in the evening at 6-6:30pm. You don't have to stay for the full half hour - feel free to drop in and out as you please. I will be there for 30 minutes to answer any questions you might have (Zoom or Yoga-related). There is a 'chat' section at the bottom of Zoom where you can type anything you need to know, and I will answer live! (Don't forget to install it plenty of time before joining me!)


Thursday 10am - 683-971-517

Thursday 6pm - 403-741-886


Looking forward to seeing you (virtually) on the mat!