Posted by Natasha on 27th September 2016

Welcome to Yogahouse

Welcome to YOGA HOUSE. We are excited to announce our launch on 3rd October 2016!

We have classes to suit everybody at our studio. Our class descriptions and infographic can be consulted on the website any time so that you can find the perfectly paced class for you.

Choose a style according to how you are feeling today, and allow yourself to make progress over time.

The studio will also be offering workshops in the coming months so that you can develop specific aspects of your yoga practice. Be sure to visit our website for updates about these!

Contrary to what is often portrayed on social media, you do not need to be extremely bendy in order to do yoga. As yoga star Rachel Brathen wrote, “The yoga pose is not the goal. Becoming flexible is not the goal... The goal is to create space where you were once stuck... to appreciate your body and become aware of the mind and the noise it creates... Come to your yoga mat to feel, not to accomplish”.

The aim is progress, not perfection. There are postures that you will be good at naturally without any effort at all, and others that will require some effort. Yoga is a very personal practice since each of our bodies is unique. We hope that you will discover the numerous benefits of yoga with us here at Yoga House!