Wellness Therapies

Our Wellness Therapies studio provides a lovely retreat away from your busy lifestyle, where you can come to relax your mind, restore your body, and boost your health and wellbeing. All the therapists are passionate and knowledgeable about what they do.


Eve graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2011 with a first class honours degree in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and is a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC). She has 15 years’ experience as a holistic therapist.
Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is aimed at bringing the mind, body and spirit back into balance.
A full assessment allows the practitioner to identify where and what the imbalances are and how to treat them. Acupuncture uses fine needles placed into specific points in your body to initiate your body's own healing response and rebalance your body. This means that there are no negative side effects as are so often associated with modern medicine. Other methods are also used such as tunia massage, exercises, meditation and diet.
Acupuncture needles are extremely fine and painless; the treatment is deeply relaxing and often brings a feeling of calmness and well-being. It can be beneficial for many different concerns, from anxiety to migraines, infertility to chronic pain.

To find out how acupuncture can help you call now for a free consultation or to book an appointment:
Tel: 07971167711
Email: eveharlow@yahoo.co.uk
Website: www.eveharlowacupuncture.co.uk


I am a clinical reflexologist with a CRM level 5 Diploma in Reflexology, the highest level of training and qualification for Reflexology in Wales and England. As a therapist I aim to provide specialised, holistic treatments that help the client to restore the body's natural balance. I provide individualised treatments that aim to balance both body and mind in a relaxing, restorative environment. Each one is carefully planned and carried out using a wide variety of effective techniques and approaches to suit the specific needs and concerns of the individual.
A typical session will involve a short discussion followed by a treatment using an approach called Dupopdy, in which both the client’s feet are treated at the same time. This allows me to focus closely on each of the different systems of the body and work with its natural processes and flow. Imbalances seen and felt in the feet, along with client feedback will be assessed, and suitable pressure, massage techniques and other relevant approaches will then be applied to various areas and reflexes of the feet. Systems in the body may also be linked together to promote wellbeing and to encourage the body and mind to work towards restoring balance naturally.
Stress and anxiety, hormone imbalances, pain in the body, fertility issues, sports injuries, immune and lymphatic support and digestive disorders are just some of the areas that this complementary therapy can benefit, relieve and help with.

I use cruelty-free and Vegan products.

To book an appointment:
Tel: 07900133288
Email: nicolafaith10@yahoo.co.uk
FB page: Naturally Balanced Reflexology


Caryl has a background in psychology and is passionate about recovery and healing from trauma. She is trained in Birth Trauma Resolution (accredited by the Royal College of Midwives) and is offering sessions at Yoga House Llanelli. Birth Trauma Resolution is a gentle and effective method of resolving the distress relating to painful memories surrounding childbirth or related issues. It is suitable for those who have directly experienced birth trauma and those who have witnessed or assisted a traumatic birth (birth companions, health professionals).

Birth Trauma Resolution works to encourage and allow the client to explore and process the distressing memories they are left with, in a safe space, using gentle therapeutic techniques. An emphasis on relaxation and safety is weaved throughout the process.

Some people experience a supposedly 'normal birth' with no obvious trauma and can still feel distressed afterwards. Things like feeling out of control or not listened to or cared for appropriately can lead to trauma, as can being in extreme pain or feeling like your life or the life of your baby is in danger.

If you are left with feelings of distress, anxiety or panic after childbirth, miscarriages, stillbirth or IVF and would like to find out more about Birth Trauma Resolution, please get in touch.

For those who are currently pregnant or planning a pregnancy and feeling anxious or nervous, Caryl can offer relaxation and birth preparation.



Like many others, my path to Nutritional Therapy came about through my own health struggles. I suffered with IBS, poor digestion and increasing fatigue. I also suffered menstrual irregularities and was diagnosed with endometriosis. I was amazed to find how much changing my diet improved my symptoms. Researching and reading about nutrition became my hobby and I was spending so much time on it that I embarked on a 3 Year Nutritional Therapy Diploma with the main aim of fixing myself.

I am so passionate about the potential benefits of nutritional therapy that I left a very successful corporate career in Pharmaceutical research over 10 years ago to pursue a career in nutrition. I am enjoying a hugely varied career which includes a private clinic where I see clients one to one, lecturing at various NTC approved Nutrition colleges in the UK, student clinic supervision and running workshops.

To book an appointment:
Tel: 07508050773
Email: SamLewisNutrition@gmail.com
Website: www.consciouschoicenutritionwales.com


Are you carrying an injury or feeling a little stressed? Meet Paul

Paul offers sports massage, cupping therapy, hot and cold stone therapy as well relaxing therapeutic massage such as Lomi Lomi, Swedish and aromatherapy.

Paul is the head tutor at the PT School – school of massage and has a strong passion in all modalities of massage. His passion and drive to learn more about massage has resulted in a long list of qualifications and of course more importantly hands on practical experience. Paul believes in learning constantly and is always learning a new massage approach. Come and see Paul and enjoy a relaxing massage or address your injury for good.

Make an appointment by emailing pjfitmassage@gmail.com or calling/Texting 07800827339.

* Please note: Paul mainly works on weekends in Llanelli.


Appointments/further info:
Tel: 07961 604782
Email: info@allearswales.co.uk
Website: www.allearswales.co.uk

My name is Catryn Roberts and I am an NHS trained Audiologist. I graduated with a First
Class honours degree in Healthcare Science (Audiology) BSc (Hons) at Swansea University in
2014, and I have been working as an Audiologist ever since.

Through increasing pressure on the NHS and a reduction in services offered by GPs there is
an increasing number of people who require professional ear wax removal. Old methods of
ear wax removal via syringing are outdated therefore I aim to provide a quick, efficient and
safe ear wax removal service via microsuction. Microsuction is a wax removal technique
using a very fine sterile suction device under a microscope. The gentle suction device is used
to provide pain free and immediate results, and whilst using the microscope I can clearly see
inside the ear canal during the procedure making it an entirely controlled treatment. In
contrast to the common syringing/irrigation procedures, no water is involved making
Microsuction the safest and most effective way of removing excessive wax or debris from
the ear canals. The patient will only need to apply ear drops (e.g Olive Oil, Earol) for a couple
of days before the procedure.
I am a qualified Audiologist with additional training in Aural Microsuction. The procedure
will be performed following the British Society of Audiology guidelines. I am also willing to
give any Audiological advice to whomever requires it.


Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of facial reflexology! Firmly rooted in Traditional Vietnamese medicine, and reimagined for the modern western world in Italy, this is reflexology like you’ve never experienced! 
Using a specialist tool I will carefully work across your face, following multiple reflexology maps in order to stimulate movement where energetic blockages are present. It is a safe and gentle therapy that works across all bodily systems and delivers results. Sometimes almost immediately!
A treatment involves a full hour of facial reflexology, sandwiched between a thorough consultation. We will discuss your current symptoms, and if necessary, delve a little deeper in to your health history. This will guide me as to where to focus my attention. Finally, and unique to DCZ, I will present you with individualised maps to take home and continue the work on yourself. 
Firmly empowering you to take control of your own wellbeing! You remain fully clothed and lay on a massage table.

I am passionate about sharing this beautiful therapy, having benefited greatly from its ability to connect to our body’s innate healing intelligence.

1 1/2 hr session (1 hour of reflexology) - £50
1 hr session (30 mins of facial reflexology) - £35
A full 1 month cycle of appointments (1 treatment / week (1hr of reflexology) for 3 weeks, plus 1 follow up consultation during final week ) £140.

Consultations also available in Sleep therapy - learn how to best maximise your sleep to maximise your life! Improve your energy and recovery, focus and memory, support positive mental health and overall physical health.
Sleep therapy / CBTi; £50 initial consultation to assess your needs, up to 1 ½ hours
Thereafter packages tailored to suit your needs.

I look forward to working with you! For more info and to book;

Call - 07786 916954

Email – scatter-joy@outlook.com

FB – facebook.com/scatterjoyholistics

IG – @scatterjoy_holistics