Workshop: Yoga of the Warrior Goddess and Divine Mother - with Lucy Constantini

Workshop: Yoga of the Warrior Goddess and Divine Mother - with Lucy Constantini


Saturday 22nd June


£30 / 6 credits

Most of the texts referred to in yoga are rooted in lineages of male sages (such as the Yoga Sutras) or royal warriors (such as the Bhagavad Gita), systems where women historically had little or no place.  The tradition of Devi, the great goddess, has been largely overlooked, and this workshop seeks to redress that balance.  How can a broader understanding of the Divine Feminine empower us in our yoga practice?

This workshop will cover study of text, physical practice and some chanting, and is open to all genders.

We’ll explore sections of the Devimahatmya (the glory of the Goddess) the Sanskrit text that brought together India’s many goddesses into one Great Goddess, establishing a new theology of Sakti, female power. Kalarippayarr is a South Indian martial art embedded in a sakta ritual context, and we’ll investigate what it can teach us about the relationship between our feet and our centre to give support and resilience to our asana (posture) practice.  Finally, we’ll chant some of the verses from the Devimahatmya, to get a sense of this work in the context in which it is still sung and loved in India today.


Lucy May Constantini has been formally practising asana since 1992 and meditation since 1999.  She began teaching yoga in 2001, completed the triyoga teacher training with distinction in London in 2009, and has been part of philosophy faculty of the triyoga teacher trainings since 2014.  Lucy is also a dance artist, specialising since 1997 in somatic movement forms, working internationally as choreographer, performer, facilitator/teacher and mentor.  Her area of special interest is the meeting place of her practices of martial arts (Kalarippayarr and aikido), yoga and postmodern dance.  She recently completed the MA in South Asian Area Studies with distinction at SOAS, which focussed on yoga studies and Sanskrit.  She is not long back from South India, where amongst other things, she was reading the Devimahatmya with her traditional Sanskrit teacher there.  She starts a PhD in the South Indian martial art Kalarippayarr next October.


The workshop is suitable for all levels

** Please note: There is a 48-hour cancellation period for the workshop


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Workshop: Yoga of the Warrior Goddess and Divine Mother - with Lucy Constantini

Sat, 22/06/19

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£30.00 or 6 Credits

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