Yin Yang Hip Opening Workshop with Meni Farkash

Yin Yang Hip Opening Workshop with Meni Farkash

Yin Yang Hip Opening Flow

A 3 hour Yang Yin workshop to help you connect and open up your hips

In this workshop will explore our ability to tune in to our sense of grounding through the hips and start to bring more opening and a sense of fluidity to this area.

The hips are associated with Svadhisthana – the second chakra and are the seat of the water element. The samskaras- potential karmas lie dormant in Muladhara chakra and it is in Svadhisthana chakra that they find expression. As a result we find that we tend to hold both tensions and emotions in our hips.

The practice of yoga is a way to free the body from tension and stuck emotions so we can find a way to live in freedom.

This workshop will combine element of fluid movement through a Yang style vinyasa sequence as well as a series of long held deep hip opening postures in a Yin style to allow our self a chance to touch base, connect and bring about a gradual change to both our physical and emotional self.

Date: Saturday 9th February

Time: 1pm - 4pm

Cost: £35/ 7 credits


*Please note that there is a 48 hour cancellation period for this workshop

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