Yin Yang Yoga Workshop

Yin Yang Yoga Workshop with Natasha

This Yin Yang Yoga workshop will blend two types of yoga into one practice. Yang Yoga focuses on muscle, and is a more dynamic and warming practice. Yin Yoga focuses on connective tissue, and is a more passive and cooling practice.

We will begin with Yang Yoga where we will explore some different ways of approaching postures to emphasise the strengthening, warming element of this practice. Our Yin Yoga section will follow. This is a more meditative practice which will be slower and divided into two parts - a ‘Yin Yoga’ section which will focus on longer held postures which create a gentle traction of the connective tissue to improve the flexibility of the joints, and ‘Restorative Yoga’, a relaxing practice to calm the nervous system and still the mind.

Saturday 14th September


£17.50 / 3 credits


* Please note: There is a 24-hr cancellation period for this workshop

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